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Essay Services Review:

As a part-time student, I have to juggle work and studies, so it’s not unusual to find me prioritizing my job over my studies. Since I normally don’t have enough time to do my assignments, I searched for an online essay writing company and that’s when I stumbled upon

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed about the site was its wordiness. It was kind of irritating having to read lengthy paragraphs that rambled on and on without giving me the gist of the matter. For a company that claims to have been in the essay writing service for a decade, I expected a better-organized professional website.

Absoluteessays Reviews

The Team of Writers

The company has over 200 writers who specialize in all subjects, including business, engineering, aviation, ethics, psychology, nursing, and humanities among others. And 80% of these writers are Masters and Ph.D. level writers as well as being native English speakers. However, the writers don’t have bios on the website, thus, it’s impossible to tell who will be writing your paper. I tried to ask whether I could choose a specific writer but I didn’t get a straight answer.


Prices start at $12.99 per page, which seems reasonable. Also, there are no hidden charges and what you see is what you get.

Ordering an Essay

Before you can order an academic paper help, you first need to register with site. You need to provide your full name, email address, country, and contact number. The funny thing is that when I was about to enter my email address in one of the boxes provided, a script informed me that the connection isn’t secure, and any information I put could be compromised. You also need to specify the following things.

  • Topic
  • Type of document
  • Urgency
  • Quality of paper
  • Spacing
  • Number of pages
  • Academic level
  • Subject area
  • Reference style
  • Number of sources
  • UK/US English

Order description

After providing a description of the paper you wish to order, you can provide materials for the writer to research with. I don’t know whether this is a requirement because the information was not given. So, I had to spend some more of my precious time looking for materials. I thought that it was the work of the writer to do their own research. legit

Additional Services

You can also order extra services, including proofreading by an editor, and a report confirming the originality of your paper. The good thing is that you can get a cheaper price if you have a discount code. After accepting their terms and conditions, you can preview your order before you send it.

Payment Details

You can pay by credit card or PayPal, but what I found doubly irritating was that I still needed to provide my personal information on the payment page. So, what’s the use of asking for my personal details on one page only to ask for it again on a different page? Makes no sense, and by that time my patience had run out but I still required the service as my paper was due the next day.

Customer feedback

Since I had no choice, I still used the service. But when I later visited the reviews website I found many negative feedbacks. From poor quality writing to late delivery, I didn’t find a single positive review. If you doubt me, visit that link I’ve provided and read for yourself.

Unresponsive Website

Another thing I found irritating about was the slowness of their website. I mean, here I was trying to place my order in a hurry before rushing to work but I had to wait for ages before pages could load or refresh.
Absoluteessays Review

Customer Support

The company has a live chat feature and I instantly found a customer care rep to answer my questions. However, what I found annoying was that the customer care rep was just giving me generic answers. It’s like she was reading from a script and then copying and pasting whatever script she thought I needed to hear. I promptly shut down the chat feature and just placed my order.

Bottom Line

What I can say about is that they have a long way to go before they can fully satisfy customers. They need to make it possible for customers to choose their favorite writers like other websites. Their customer care department could also provide better answers to questions instead of generic scripts. When my paper arrived, it wasn’t of the quality I was looking for.

Summing up we found a lot of controversial points, we can’t recommend, so you can use other more safe writing service

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