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Have you ever been a time-poor student in desperate need of an essay written? If yes, you’ll understand me. I’ve always been a kind of an exemplary student , you know – the one who never has a single paper overdue. But one day… no, it wasn’t procrastination typical to many of my students that caused my problem.  It was an urgent project. I’m working my way through college (tuition fees are pretty high here) as a freelance web designer, and a couple of weeks before the rush time started I got a task in a great design project that was very important for me. Much more important that couple of overdue essays, in fact.

But anyway, the essays demanded my attention, and I started reading reviews, searching for the guys that could write them for me until it isn’t too late. The site was just the one I picked at random, because I never used resources of this kind before I came there. Nor did my friends, so I just googled and followed a random link in the search results. And now I’m writing a review on this amazing service –

review of

I liked the name (“-zaur” suggested something like strength and  massiveness of a dinosaur); the design was minimalistic but somewhat sleek.  Like any other service provider, which was mentioned in reviews I’ve read, that they promised that essays (as well as any other assignment) will be accomplished at the highest quality level and within the shortest time limits.
eduzaurus writing service review
It’s important to mention in my review that it’s quite easy to register, fill an order form and reach the staff via live chat.  Since I wanted two essays written, I mentioned that in my newly created account I could see status for each of the essays, as well as the order number and the writer’s name. It’s pretty convenient.


Writing Speed

At they do offer writing urgent papers, but I had no need for speed, so I can’t judge how they deal with urgent tasks – mine wasn’t one. By the way, it saved me good money, because prices for non-urgent papers are quite predictably lower. Much lower, actually – later I found out that it’s a common practice. I was really glad that I cared for my papers on time.

It’s also important to mention in my review that both authors of my assignment kept the deadline strictly and even delivered the papers a bit earlier.

Let’s Review Writers Quality

I am satisfied with the quality of both assignments received from All the formal requirements were met, and there was no plagiarism (I checked it myself – just in case). When I read the papers afterwards, I noticed that the writers’ writing style was more elegant than mine. No wonder: I picked authors with the biggest  number of completed assignments.
review of services

Communication review
Live chat worked well, the staff responded quickly, and it was clear that I’m talking to a human, not auto responder. The writers of my essays also were quick to respond and always available, though I didn’t disturb them often.
To sum the review up, I liked . They did save my brain cells and sleeping hours.
Review of EduZaurus writing service

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