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Only a student knows how it feels to be one. How are the pangs of studying and preparing for the exams and all the papers that are yet to be written! Courses and topics always seem so difficult; and at times of strict deadlines a little help can shift mountains of pressure away. For this reason there have developed and is still being developed various online study help services like who are dedicated to make your student life easier. This service is there to solve any of your academic doubts for all the subject areas. Be it mathematics, philosophy or marketing, just drop your question and get an experienced tutor to answer for you.

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Review of

The first question I asked to them was a real tough one. The topic was philosophy; and proper philosophic speculations are the toughest to come up with. But the tutor I chose from there was a genius and I was really impressed. From then I kept on going back there whenever I was stuck with any such tough topics or issues. To get it clarified instantly.

Here I have detailed every single aspect of their service below.


While reviewing some of the study help services I came across this innovative service back then and was attracted to it at the first glance due to its user friendly interface and soothing design of the site. Besides, most of the other services are basically based on getting custom essays written for your academic help, but this one is purely dedicated to getting your ideas cleared on the topic through answering any of your specific subject wise questions or concerns you may have. More interestingly, while asking the question to the site you can put a word limit for the answer. That way you can also get the answer from the tutor in such a shape and size that you can even use it for submission purposes, if necessary.

The Process:

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Their site is very clean and tidy. Unlike others they have kept no unnecessary details on their webpage. That is exactly what gives a professional yet friendly vibe to their place. Besides, getting logged in or asking question are real easy and all fun. No sign up required you can just go to the site and start asking your questions right away. After asking your first question your password will be sent to your email right then and you will also get logged in to the system instantly. And guess what? You get all the qualified tutors bidding for answering your questions within seconds. Then you can chat with the individual bidders in detail before choosing the best one to answer your question.



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From this you can easily understand that the pricing system of is very dynamic. As there will be various tutors from various range of expertise with varying prices ready to solve you problem. The pricing here depends upon your budget and the availability of tutors within your budget range. Most of the times the tutors here charge a very reasonable quotes and are within the budget range of any regular student seeking study help online.

Customer Support:

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The customer support of the service is also of premium quality. They offer double level chat facility. One with 24/7 customer support for any queries that any onlooker may have and the second one for the clients and the bidders. The second one will be activated after you ask your question.

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Customer Feedback

This way after being totally impressed with the service, I felt a bit curious about the overall customer response to the service. So, I started to surf the net for relevant data and found that almost each and every of their social media platforms were filled with satisfied clients. Almost all the clients that came to ask their questions were satisfied fully and the amount of negative remarks were almost zero. That’s really impressive.


So, my personal experience with was very pleasant and satisfactory. I would recommend it to anyone struggling with any topic to get instant assistance from here and have the mater solved. Now, I often go there to make it clear in case of any confusion arises, even if it is not purely academic.

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